4th Chania International Photo Festival until 31 March 2021

Deadline: 31 March 2021. Chania International Photo festival has been created by Blank Wall Gallery. Its aim is to gather more than 320 photographers from around the world each year, turning the town of Chania into an international centre of artistic expression focusing on photography. During the last two years, we managed to make this festival an established international institution. In our effort the Municipality of Chania responded favorably as a co organiser, offering the venues for the festival to be held.

You can take part in one of our 16 Categories

Cip festival will be held in the old town of Chania which is visited by thousands of people every summer.


The photographs exhibited at the festival will be printed and framed free of charge.
Everything needed for the realisation of the exhibition (printing of your photographs on 260 gsm paper, framing, hanging of the photos, press releases, invitations, opening night and supervision) are provided without any additional charge.

Photo Contest Website: http://www.cipfestival.com/