FotoNostrum Magazine Portfolio Contest until 21 February 2021

Deadline: 21 February 2021. At least 12 photographers will be selected to be published in 8 to 12 pages portfolios. Three of them will be in different covers of the magazine.

You can submit works for portfolios only, but if you decide to apply for a cover, the cover image has to be an image of one portfolio. You can’t apply for a cover if you don’t apply for portfolios; on the contrary, you can submit a portfolio and not to the cover section.

There are no restrictions regarding the type of photography to be included for portfolios or covers. B & W or colour, fine art or documentary, and digital manipulations are accepted. Cover images have to be vertical following the layout of the cover (see below cover size specifications).


Publication of 6 to 8 pages in the magazine

Photo Contest Website: