Global Sino Photo Awards until 17 January 2021

Deadline: 17 January 2021. The Global SinoPhoto Awards has 7 categories, with the common theme of Chinese culture, heritage and people. Images might be taken in China itself, within one of the many Chinese diaspora communities worldwide, or even in your local city’s Chinatown district.
Categories are : 1) Food and the Joy of Eating 2) Work and Study 3)Heritage and Architecture 4)Spirit of Zen;Peacefulness and Calm 5)Us – Now: people 6)Celebration 7) Streetlife : this category is free to enter for 13 – 17year olds.
The Global SinoPhoto Awards aim to strengthen the international understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and heritage around the world, and to celebrate its visual representation through photography. In this, the award’s inaugural year, we are inviting all photographers, regardless of age, race or location, to show us how they have engaged with and photographed Chinese culture, and what it means to them.
Since the Chinese invented the compass more than 2000 years ago, the Chinese people have travelled and traded widely. Wherever in the world the Chinese people settle, they retain an innate sense of family, tradition and community. But what does the world understand about this community beyond Chinese food, tourists, economic stats and news reports?
With recent events, including the pandemic, the issues of diversity and ethnicity have been heightened in discussions around the world. We are seeing communities worldwide debate and discuss their own race, ethnicity, heritage, and their future, and the Chinese community is no different. Here we can have a voice sharing what is positive. Photography can help understanding and expression – the visual language is universal; a photograph can speak 1000 words.


Overall winner : $2500 plus seven category winners at $250 each

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