Lensball International Photo Contest until 31 May 2021

Deadline: 31 May 2021. Lensball welcomes community members from every part of the world to participate in our 2021 International Photography Contest.

A Lensball community member is defined as someone who has purchased and/or has received a verified Lensball.

All contest participants must be over 18 years old in order to participate.

Each round, contest participants will be allowed to submit ONE photo entry taken with their Lensball that they believe is their best photographic image, and which matches the theme of the month. Each round has a unique theme, and a defined start and end date. In total, contest participants may submit three photos altogether, one for each category.

Each voting round, contest participants have the opportunity to increase votes by sharing their photo and requesting votes from friends, community members, followers, etc. Each person, whether they are a contest participant, or just interested in browsing the submissions, has the ability to vote for each photo ONCE per round. There is no limit on the amount of votes as a whole per round, only limit to votes per unique photo (contest entry). By doing this, we ensure that we spread our love and support to all the numerous submissions that are sent in. Each voting period commences once the round of photo submissions has concluded, and lasts for a unique period of time.

All submission entries can be used by Lensball for commercial and marketing purposes related and unrelated to the contest itself. This includes, but is not limited to, features on our website and social media.

Lensball has the right to disqualify any contest participant if they do not meet contest criteria, including inability to provide original proof of purchase of their Lensball product(s). Lensball also reserves the right to disqualify any community-based votes if they have been found to be suspicious as a result of tampering, false votes or site manipulation (hacking).


1st place: $30,000
2nd place: $15,000
3rd place: $5,000

Photo Contest Website: http://lensball.com/pages/lensball-international-photo-contest-2021