1st Ontario International Photo Salon ends 24 September 2023

Deadline: 24 September 2023. The 1st Ontario International Photo Salon, 2023 is with the patronage of the Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) 2023/495 and the recognition by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) 2023-486, the patronage of the International Society of Fine Art(ISFA) 2023-005 and Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) 2023-08.
The salon will be conducted in accordance with the rules of the PSA, FIAP, ISFA & CAPA. Acceptances obtained in this salon will be taken into account for ISFA, FIAP Distinctions and PSA Star Rating listings in the worldwide PSA Who’s Who of Photography.

Ontario is Canada’s second largest province, covering more than 1 million square kilometres (415,000 square miles) Experts aren’t sure about the exact translation of “Ontario”. They know “Ontario” comes from an Iroquois word for beautiful water, beautiful lake, or big body of water.

People have lived in what is now Ontario for more than 12,000 years. Before the arrival of the European settlers, Algonquian- and Iroquoian-speaking Aboriginals had settled on the land.

Ontario is a study in contrasts. The varied landscape includes the vast, rocky, and mineral-rich Canadian Shield, which separates the fertile farmland in the south and the grassy lowlands of the north.

Ontario’s more than 250,000 lakes contain about one-fifth of the world’s fresh water in summer, temperatures can soar above 30°C (86°F), while in winter they can drop below -40°C (-40°F)

Ontario’s varied climate and geography support habitat for more than 3,600 species of plants, 154 species of fish, 50 species of amphibians and reptiles, 483 species of birds, and more than 81 species of mammals. In Ontario’s southernmost regions, you will find prickly pear cactus and sassafras trees, while polar bears roam our northern tundra.


Best Author Award: FIAP light Blue Badge

22 Awards in Each Section:

1 ISFA Gold Medal
1 FIAP Gold Medal
1 PSA Gold Medal
1 CAPA Gold Medal
1 ISFA Silver Medal
1 ISFA Bronze Medal
1 ISFA Ribbon
2 FIAP Riboon
1 CAPA Ribbon

12 eHM (e-certificates Honorable Mention)

e-HM is Honorable Mention Certificates (PDF certificate). e-certificates will not be posted. Entrants are responsible for downloading and printing their e-certificates.

Photo Contest Website: https://bit.ly/44R1ot3