A Smith Gallery’s “common objects” ends 17 April 2023

Deadline: 17 April 2023. Common objects – everyday item, familiar thing, everyday gadget, normal, commonplace …

“My Grandmother had a pincushion the color and shape of a strawberry. As a child I watched her sew. She would reflexively and deftly take and replace pins as she connected the thin paper pattern to the fabric. Interesting how common objects have become descriptors in literature, “He were shot up with arrows like a dang pincushion.”

As a child my Grandfather had a way of allowing me to see common objects as uncommon or special. He deciphered for me his use and time patinaed hammer, a deep notch in the leathery looking handle, the things it had built, where it had been. The notch made in 1932, he was using it to lever up a fallen rafter when his helper fell, bringing some of what they had built crashing down. He also enjoyed showing me his scars. I have always been proud of scars.

I also think of teeth when I think of common objects. Sounds odd but it’s not really. Remember riding the school bus in the fourth or fifth grade? Remember showing your buddy one of your recently, eagerly teased out teeth – bothered and rocked by your tongue and finger so that it had no choice? Remember someone pulling three from their pocket or lunch box?..” From “Baby Teeth” By Franklin Cincinnatus

Juror for “common objects” will be Doug Beasley, photographer, teacher and publisher of Shots Magazine.


Juror’s and Director’s award each receive a copy of the limited edition hardbound fine art book. Juror’s award receives a solo online exhibition. Visitors’ award receives $100. Each photographer selected by the juror will receive a copy of the exhibition catalogue.

Photo Contest Website: https://asmithgallery.com/main-gallery-call-for-entry/