BUP Book Award ends 12 May 2024


A bit later than in previous years, we are announcing start of the 5th edition of the BUP Book Award contest which goal is to transform a photography-based project into a real photobook/art book. From now on we are waiting for your submissions hoping you will send us (as always) a lot of thought-provoking projects discussing stories that matter.

The BUP Book Award is a competition open to all photographers from around the world. And we really mean everyone – we reject any possible limitations, exclusions or divisions. We want to be and are as inclusive as possible. We do not also care what photographic technique you use, what photography you are interested in or what experience you have. The only important thing is the story you want to draw our attention to. You can illustrate it as you want, from the perspective you believe is the most suitable. And if you think the usage of AI-generated images is the best possible way to do this, we don’t mind as long as it is justified and carefully thought-out (anyway, let us know your project includes them).

The goal of the BUP Book Award is to promote photobook as a way of expression. That is why instead of book dummies or pdfs, send us raw material that we will process further together to make sure we have the best possible edit of your project and layout for your book to present it to the world.

So if you believe your project is completed, don’t wait too long and submit it to the BUP Book Award contest and let our jurors to go through it.


– You will sign a professional book publishing contract with BLOW UP PRESS, giving you 10% net royalties and 30 copies of the printed book;
– Your project will be edited by BLOW UP PRESS editors and designed by Aneta Kowalczyk, our art director internationally known for her dedication to projects she works on;
– We will finance production of your book, publish it in a print run between 500 and 800 copies (depending on the project complexity), and then distribute it internationally and promote at leading book fairs, festivals and competitions.

Photo Contest Website: https://blowuppress.eu/pages/bup-book-award-2024