Call For Entries #27 ends 3 December 2023

Deadline: 3 December 2023. We are searching for 6 exceptional photographers who wish to spectacularly boost their careers. Our aim is to showcase your photographs to the directors of the world’s leading galleries, festivals, and agencies. are you ready to join us?

Our mission is to discover the most outstanding talent, promote it, and disseminate it. We are driven by photography, we understand the effort, work, and passion behind each image, the need to find and capture beauty, to seize a unique moment, to interpret the reality that surrounds us.

We know the determination required to tell a story through a report and decipher the hidden truth within it. For us, photography is light, life, emotion, communication, a challenge, but also a purely introspective act that forces us to question our way of seeing the world, imbuing each photograph with a bit of ourselves.

For us, photography is not just a profession, it’s a language. It’s light that illuminates, life that throbs, emotion that transmits, and communication that connects. We see it as a constant challenge that invites us to explore and question our perspective of the world, and at the same time, an act of introspection that compels us to leave a piece of our essence in every work.

Our print edition is not a mere means of dissemination, it’s a springboard designed to launch your work to a broader audience, a stepping stone that allows you to rise and present your talent in the way it deserves. With an exclusively professional focus, we distribute each edition to galleries, agencies, festivals, and the most influential professionals in the industry. In this way, we ensure that your images are directly admired by those capable of appreciating their true meaning and potential, all in record time.

After 26 successful editions, our print magazine has established itself as an effective tool in promoting new photographic talents globally. Today, we are not just a medium, but a beacon in the international photography scene.

The time to take the leap and focus in the right direction to achieve tangible results has come. Your participation is simple: select your most outstanding images and projects, register for our call, and upload your files through our registration form. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to showcase your talent and passion for photography to the world. Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with us?


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