Emergentes until 30 May 2021

Deadline: 30 May 2021. BFOTO Festival stages the exhibition programme EMERGENTES to support artists and diffuse their projects. Among activities the festival hosts, the programme provides a perspective of the photographic scene exposing the selected projects.
The call is open to any interested author, on behalf of themselves or a collective. Only exhibition proposals linked to photography —in any of its forms— will be accepted.
9 projects will be selected and each one will have an individual exhibition.
BFOTO Festival commitment to entrants: Individual exhibition of the selected project, remuneration of 500 euro for production, including taxes and two-night accommodation for one person. Publication in the general catalogue of the festival and promoting entrants in the festival framework, through media, web, social media, etc.


9 Exhibitions, 500 euro for production and two-night accommodation for one person

Photo Contest Website: http://bfoto.org/