Essential Water until 9 August 2021

Deadline: 9 August 2021. Water: sustainer of all life, ever various in its sources and forms, a magnet for imagination, meditation, fear, and wonder. Photographers have been making images of water since photography’s birth, drawn to the beauty and changeability of fog, mist, spray, ice, oceans and rivers, lakes and streams, rain, sleet, snow, puddles, and waves.
For this exhibit we seek photographs that capture the unique qualities of water—the way it catches light, cuts through the earth, falls from the sky, sustains or threatens life, and changes its forms.
We are very pleased that Wendi Schneider will be jurying and curating this exhibition. She will select approximately 35 images for exhibition in the gallery, and 40 for our Online Gallery. All 75 selected images will be reproduced in the exhibition print catalog and remain permanently on our website, with links to photographer’s URL. Gallery exhibition September17 through October 8, 2021.


Exhibition with distinctions for Juror’s Award, Director’s Award, and Honorable Mention

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