Fotofestival Lenzburg until 6 March 2022

Deadline: 6 March 2022. We are delighted to announce the Open Call for exhibits at the Fotofestival Lenzburg 2022, which will be held in Lenzburg (Switzerland, 20 minutes from Zurich) between the 26 of August and the 2nd of October 2022, in various locations within the city. Renown Photographers and emergent talents are invited to share their visions, with a project or single images, related to our festival theme for the 2022 edition re:sources 2.0.

As we all know only too well, there have been enormous changes and unprecedented challenges in all areas of life since the start of 2020: Everything we hold dear, everything we take for granted, everything that gives us support, everything that gives us a sense of security, has been challenged. The voids in our lives on the other hand allowed us to reevaluate what may be truly valuable to us. Deprivation proved to us what is most urgent to care about and explore what are essential resources for humanity and in general for our world. On the material as well as the immaterial levels.

The origin of a better future is always in the now. And photography is the perfect medium to contemplate this moment, reflecting on the past and projecting onto what is to come. For the 2022 edition, Fotofestival Lenzburg continues to explore the theme of resources, focusing on the relationship between man and nature, the health and well-being of all of us, and the major climatic and human changes that we are currently experiencing.


An international jury of curators (from Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy) will choose the most interesting projects, which will be exhibited during the Festival at the Gallery of the Villa Müllerhaus. One project will be awarded the Jury Award of 1500 CHF. An additional group of single images (about 50) selected by the jury will be showcased in the shop windows of Lenzburg’s historic town centre, with the chance to win the Public’s Award (every image will have a corresponding number and the public will be asked to vote for their favourite image via SMS) of 1000 CHF.

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