H2O Perspectives: Exploring the Essence of Water ends 1 June 2024

Deadline: 1 June 2024. We are excited to announce our upcoming online photography contest, “H2O Perspectives,” where we invite you to capture the beauty and significance of water through your lens. Whether it’s the tranquil allure of a serene lake, the rhythmic dance of ocean waves, the intricate patterns of rainfall, or the reflective qualities of water in urban landscapes, we encourage you to delve into the diverse and evocative nature of water.

This is an opportunity to show the world your unique vision and interpretation of this vital element, and to engage viewers with the compelling stories and emotions that water evokes. Selected works will be featured in a prominent online exhibition, offering exposure and recognition for your talent.


Digital Badges will be given to all accepted entries. The exhibition catalogue will be made available for sale on a Print-On-Demand service. A video of the exhib will be posted on YouTube.

Photo Contest Website: https://www.decagongallery.com/flash-entry-form