Magazine – Call For Entries ends 31 May 2023

Deadline: 31 May 2023. Our mission is to discover the best talent, promote it and spread it, because we live and breathe photography, because we know the effort, the work and the passion behind each image, the need to find and capture beauty, to find a unique moment, to interpret the reality that surrounds us. Of the will that is needed to explain a story through a reportage, and to decipher the truth that is hidden in it.
For us, photography is light, life, emotion, communication, a challenge, but it is also a purely introspective act that forces us to question the way we see the world, our way of looking at reality, imbuing each photograph with a little bit of ourselves.

Our print edition has been designed as a promotional instrument, a tool to present your work to the world and give it the boost it needs. Exclusively professional in nature, it is distributed to leading galleries, agencies, festivals and industry professionals to ensure that your images are seen directly by the right people and in record time.

After 25 editions, our print edition has proven to be highly effective in promoting new photographic talent worldwide, and today, our print edition has become a leading magazine in the photography scene around the world.

Now is the time to focus in the right direction to get real results. All you have to do is select your best images and projects, register for the call for entries and upload your files using the registration form.
Visibility to the experts of the sector
Your work only needs to be observed by the right person for your career to take off for good. In some cases, it is a matter of luck, in others, it is necessary to focus your objectives in the right direction. We will put your work in the hands of the most prestigious galleries, agencies and festivals around the world through our print edition, carefully designed down to the last detail to give your work the showcase it deserves.

Our tool has proven to be simply effective, as your images are presented in a straightforward way, and away from the conventional channels. We have had the honor and good fortune to discover and publish over 100 amazing photographers to date. We are looking forward to seeing your images in our next issue.

Digital and online diffusion of your images
To reach a wider audience, our print edition is also published in digital version and can be downloaded for free through our website and other partner websites.
As well as that, the Dodho Magazine team, regardless of the jury’s decision, will select the best projects or portfolios to be published in our online edition; which is reviewed and read daily by thousands of people in the industry and photography lovers in general. We will ensure that all good projects and portfolios receive adequate exposure.

Legal coverage of your work for two years
We have always been concerned about the copyrights of our photographers. For this very reason, we have partnered with Image Rights International, inc.; based in Boston and with offices in Seattle, Berlin and London, which will provide all photographers published in our print edition with legal coverage and protection of their intellectual property for two years.


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