Milvus Photocontest ends 20 March 2024

Deadline: 20 March 2024. With a long standing tradition, Milvus Photocontest is the most important nature photography competition in Romania, exhibiting extraordinary photographers and images during its previous 14 annual editions. It is open for worldwide amateur and professional photographers.


A. Nature – Any photos depicting wild plants or fungi, including close-ups and macros, as well as landscapes or nature details can be submitted for this section. Animals may appear into the frame as long as they are integrated into their natural habitat. No man made elements can be present in the pictures as an important element of the composition.
B. Wild animals – Any photos depicting wild animals, taken in the wild, including portraits, close-ups or macro, as well as scenes exhibiting their natural behavior or habitat can be submitted for this section.
Wild animals
C. Romanian Nature – This category is open exclusively for images with the same subjects as included in previous categories but taken in Romania, by Romanian resident photographers regardless of their nationality. In this category we will accept both animal and landscape pictures.
D. Junior – This category is dedicated exclusively to photographers who have not turned 16 by March 21, 2024. You can enter images of plants, mushrooms, animals or landscapes, black and white or color. Photographers who enter this category cannot enter any of the other categories.

Milvus Group along with FORONA (the Romanian Nature Photographers Association) invite you to take part in our competition. We are convinced that the visual power of the breathtaking natural photos is an amazing tool to bring people closer to the values ​​of nature and will help us in our quest to conserve it. We believe that nature photography can raise awareness and make everybody understand the important role that nature has in our life.


Grand prize: the “Milvus” Trophy, Certificate of Merit, 750 Euro and a guided wildlife trip in Făgăraș Mountain, for two, offered by Conservation Carpathia, worth of 1240 Euros;
1st place for each of A, B and C categories: Certificate of Merit and 300 Euro;
2nd place for each of A, B and C categories: Certificate of Merit and 200 Euro;
3rd place for each of A, B and C categories: Certificate of Merit and a “Vâlcea Naturală” photography album by Daniel Mîrlea;
Junior Prize: Certificate of Merit and a photography book pack: “Wild Romania” by Dan Dinu and “Terra Silva” by Dorin Bofan.
Public award (by Facebook votes): Certificate of Merit and a gift-package offered by Milvus Group.

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