Modern Analog ends 22 January 2023

Deadline: 22 January 2023. This call for entry and gallery exhibition is for those who use analog techniques as part of their creative process. It can include images that are pure analog from start to finish, captured on film and printed digital or vice versa, alt processes with digital negs, or some other creative way that works the unique traits and discipline of analog into the prints.

Many photographers use analog as a way to change the way they shoot and to challenge themselves to slow down. Working intentionally on one image at a time encourages a new way of seeing and those limits often encourage creativity that is a shift from the rapid fire, instant gratification of the digital world.

We are fortunate to have Lisa Elmaleh as the juror for this call. Lisa is a visual artist, educator, and documentarian. She works exclusively in non-digital formats with an emphasis on wet plate collodion and large format silver gelatin.

Selections from this competition will be presented in an exhibition in the DCP Gallery in March 2023. Prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third places as well as juror honorable mentions.

This competition and exhibition are sponsored by Lone Star Darkroom and Don’s Used Photo Equipment.

Entry fees help support our mission as a 501c3 nonprofit to operate our community gallery and to serve as a focal point for creators and appreciators of all forms of photography through education, mentorship, exhibitions, and community outreach.


First place: $200 + $150 gift certificate at Lone Star Darkroom
Second place: $100 + $100 gift certificate at Lone Star Darkroom
Third place: $50 + $50 gift certificate at Lone Star Darkroom

Photo Contest Website: