NATURE AND HUMANS Photography Competition ends 4 August 2024

Deadline: 4 August 2024. Nature & Humans is a photography contest that celebrates and explores the intricate relationship between humans and nature. This contest is a wonderful opportunity for photographers to showcase their talent, creativity and respect for the natural world.

The contest has fourteen categories, each designed to reflect various aspects of this relationship. Some of these categories specifically seek images that highlight the importance of conservation and the urgent need to protect our planet’s biodiversity. Other categories seek images taken in Spain that celebrate the unique beauty and fragility of the country’s animal species.

In addition, there are categories for mammals, birds, oceans and other animals, each of which offers cash prizes for the best image. There are also special categories for young photographers under the age of 18 and an “Audience Award”.

Although this contest has over €13,000 in prize money, this contest is not just about winning; it is about celebrating the beauty of our planet and the species that inhabit it, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world, and encouraging ethical and responsible practices in photography.

The competition is governed by a strict code of ethics, which emphasizes respect for nature and the observance of ethical practices in the natural environment. The jury is composed of some of the best photography and nature professionals from around the world.


The Competition is endowed with more than €13,000 (thirteen thousand euros) in prizes; of which more than €9,000 (nine thousand euros) will be in cash.

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