Nature’s Best Backyards ends 18 July 2024

Deadline: 18 July 2024. You are invited to enter your best photos and videos made close to home or in a backyard, a local public or private garden, park, or preserve. Finalists are featured in Nature’s Best Photography and displayed in social media and NBP presentations.

Submissions are reviewed by our Judging Panel of experts in photography, wildlife, conservation, and film. Winners are selected for overall appeal, originality, conformity to rules, and technical quality.

We are seeking dramatic portraits, animal behavior, humorous displays, intimate interactions, young animals at play, macro closeups, landscapes, and other creative approaches to the art of nature photography to convey the beauty and diversity of nature close to home in the following categories: Wildlife • Plant Life • Against All Odds • Private Yards • Public Parks & Gardens • Small World • Video.

Nature’s Best Photography Competitions discover, celebrate, and display the creative and documentary works of dedicated nature photographers and visual storytellers from around the world. NBP initiatives engage global audiences, enhance artistic expression, promote outdoor education and personal well-being, and inspire public participation in the conservation of the natural world.


PRO WINNER: Prize value $1,000. Win $500 USD cash, personalized Award Plaque, publication in Nature’s Best Photography, 1-year NBP magazine subscription (or renewal or gift) and display in NBP presentations and online galleries.

Photo Contest Website: