Photography Exhibition in China: Black & White ends 20 March 2024

Deadline: 20 March 2024. Group exhibition at Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) in April 2024.

Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) is excited to announce our upcoming group exhibition, “Black & White,” dedicated to the exploration of monochrome magic in photography. This exhibition celebrates the depth and subtlety of black-and-white artistry, inviting viewers into a world where shades speak louder than colors.
Artists and photographers are encouraged to submit their most impactful works in line with the theme. In a realm where color steps back, the stark contrasts of black and white come forward, telling tales, evoking emotions, and offering new perspectives. This exhibition is a stage for those stories, captured in the timeless dance of light and shadow, to be told and admired.


Artworks will be printed (Epson giclée print) and framed by us and shown in the group exhibition;
Chinese-English bilingual online feature on our website;
Chinese-English bilingual digital catalog;
Chinese-English bilingual promotion on Chinese and international social media.

Independent & Image Art Space will charge a 20% commission on artwork sold during the exhibition.

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