Deadline: 19 August 20222. Dancing is good for the mind. Moving to rhythm produces feel-good hormones that counter stress and anxiety. To this end, Youmanity launches their 12th annual Photography Award entitled ‘Step Together’.

STEP TOGETHER Photography Award aims to hep raise awareness of the benefits of dancing for mental health and well-being. Research conducted by Dance Psychologist Dr Peter Lovatt reveals how happy hormones – including dopamine and serotonin – produced during dancing stay in the body up to a week from the last dance.

Research by Dance Psychologist Dr Peter Lovatt suggests that just ten minutes of dancing can provide a good work out for the body and brain! Raising the heartbeat causes the release of feel-good chemicals, which reduce stress. When we dance our senses surrender to music as we synchronise our inner rhythm with that of the music. The mind takes a break from repetitive patterns of thinking – and that’s how dancing can reduce stress levels.

Whether one likes dancing or not, rhythm is our lifeline! The rhythm of a heartbeat, the rhythm of breathing and the rhythm of walking is present in all of us. What’s more, dancing bonds people together, encouraging much needed social harmony while stimulating the production of happy hormones in the brain.

In an effort to promote mental health, STEP TOGETHER invites participants to submit images that capture the spirit of dancing – any style!

STEP TOGETHER invites you to submit a photograph that captures the happiness when dancing, moving your body to music. Send us a photo of yourself, your flatmate(s) – your mum and dad, neighbours – dancing alone or in a group. Dancing in the rain, on stage or in the street.


A panel of judges will select the photographs that best interpret the movement and mood of the dancer(s). The work of twenty finalists will be showcased in an exhibition in London – location TBC – with the announcement of the winner to coincide with World Mental Health Day, 10th October. The winning photograph will be awarded £500 cash prize.

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