SUGi x NAVA Photography Contest ends 30 June 2024

Deadline: 30 June 2024. The SUGi x NAVA Photography Contest celebrates the ways we bring nature closer and bring the wild back to everyday urban settings.

We want to see greener places through your lens and your creativity. We love the notion of nature rekindling the wild side of human nature too. We welcome all types of photography, whether you are documenting the natural world as it is today or envisioning a future paradise.

The SUGi x NAVA Photography Contest welcomes photographers of all levels from around the world to submit their work for the chance to win cash prizes totaling $10,250 with a grand prize of $4,000.

In our third year of this contest, we are adding categories. Please choose a category (People & Nature, Urban Wildlife, Climate, Conceptual, Natural Diversity, Urban Waterways, Alt Landscape, New Nature) to submit your photograph(s) upon entry.

SUGi empowers people to invest in nature and restore biodiversity by planting SUGi Pocket Forests in cities, schools and waterways around the world. NAVA Contemporary is an art advisory offering consultancy services and an online gallery featuring a curated selection of artwork by compelling artists.


Grand Prize winner: $4,000
People & Nature: 1st place $500 2nd place $250
Urban Wildlife: 1st place $500 2nd place $250
Climate: 1st place $500 2nd place $250
Conceptual: 1st place $500 2nd place $250
Natural Diversity: 1st place $500 2nd place $250
Urban Waterways: 1st place $500 2nd place $250
Alt Landscape: 1st place $500 2nd place $250
New Nature: 1st place $500 2nd place $250
People’s Choice : $250

Photo Contest Website: