The WILD Photo Awards ends 3 September 2023

Deadline: 3 September 2023. With the ambition to unite a community of like-minded people, the WILD Photo Awards were created by photographers with a love for the outdoor world.

The WILD Photo Awards were founded on the prospects of delivering talented photographers a global platform to showcase their work and offer a realistic opportunity to monetise their passion through regular photography competitions.

The global community of landscape and wildlife photographers is continuously growing, and opportunities to make a living in this industry have never been more competitive. The WILD Photo Awards aims to offer another avenue of income to talented photographers by running back-to-back photography competitions every quarter throughout the year, offering prize money (up to £5,000) to our winning entrants in every competition.


We give away 50% of our income as prize money in every competition, up to £5,000.
The pot of prize money between our competitions is independent of the others, meaning if one competition receives more entries, the winner of the competition with a bigger prize pot will win more prize money. The percentage of the prize money each winner will receive is as follows:

​Winner – 35%
Runner-up – 15%

Photo Contest Website: