Traditional Sports Photo Contest ends 31 March 2024

Deadline: 31 March 2024. Traditional sports and games are one of the important areas of establishing a connection between the past and the future, cultural transfer and developing a sense of identity and belonging in society. Today, traditional and local sports are little known due to reasons such as these sports being forgotten, unpopular, the scarcity of places to play these sports and games, urbanization and digitalization, and the decrease in interest in these sports. It is going to disappear not only as sports but also in cultural elements, with the history-themed TV series and movies published in recent years, today’s interest in ethno sports has increased. Our aim to organize this competition about ethnic and regional sports:
• encouraging competitors to research the traditional sports of their own country,
• to bring to light the forgotten sports and games,
• to direct young people to sports,
• increase photography skills,
• emphasizing the relationship between sports and art,
• to show the connection between ethno sports and natural life,
• introducing the cultures of countries and regions with these sports,
• to contribute to sports, which prevent many physical and mental diseases such as addiction, obesity, depression,
• recording ethno sports and games with photographs,
The competition is organized by the Kepenk Sports Club Association, the competition is held within the scope of the Erasmus+ project named “From Tradition to the Future, From Sports to Fraternity”, it is financed by the European Union Erasmus Program Turkish National Agency.
Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the competition. Prize winners will be announced at the gala night. A physical and digital exhibition will be held at the gala night. The digital exhibition will be published free of charge on our competition website.


1st – 2.000 Euro
2st – 1.500 Euro
3st – 1.000 Euro
Mentions – 25 x 100 Euro

Photo Contest Website: