TTA Travel Tales Award ends 1 June 2024

Deadline: 1 June 2024. For the 2024 TTA call We are looking for photographic SHOTS and STORIES, well developed and able to tell the places, the encounters, the emotions, and also the traveler himself and his way of placing himself in his situation as an itinerant nomad.

By “Travel Photography” we mean series and personal photographic projects linked to the theme and charm of the journey itself, to the pleasure of traveling as a metaphor and lifestyle, or iconic single pictures powerfull and full of meanings.


50 finalists are published on the partners’ web channels, including, Viaggio, Il Fotografo, Open Minds for AI.
An overall winner and two honorable mentions will be declared, which they will receive: the winning project will have a solo exhibition at Otto Gallery in 2025! The author will also be hosted for free one night at OTTO Rooms in Rome on the occasion of the award ceremony in November 2024.
10 projects will be selected, which will be part of the dedicated exhibition “Travel Tales” 2024 edition that will be inaugurated at OTTO Rooms & Photogallery in Rome on the awards evening in November 2024. The production of the exhibition is up to Starring organization.
Three projects will be chosen by the editorial staff and will be published as a focus on Portoflio in the magazine Il Fotografo.
15 authors among the 50 selected will be invited to participate (with participation fee, self-produced publishing) in a special editorial initiative, curated by Simona Ottolenghi and Sonia Pampuri: TRAVEL TALES IV. The book will be presented at the event in Rome in November 2024.
Among all those who will publish images on IG with the hashtag #TTA2024 by the Call deadline in June 100 finalist images will be chosen, and among the finalists will be chosen the authors of the two planned TRAVELGRAM exhibitions and the images that will be published by Touring magazine.

Photo Contest Website: