Unity through Diversity ends 31 July 2024

Deadline: 31 July 2024. Join us in celebrating the profound artistry of photography in the Philo-Photo Philosophical Competition – Unity through Diversity.

Are you a seeker of depth and meaning in your photographic journey? Do you yearn to convey wisdom and beauty through your visual creations? Now is your opportunity to share a message emanating from the depths of your heart and your explorations with shapes, hues, and light.

The Philo-Photo Philosophical Competition delves into the synergy between the wisdom of the heart and the wisdom of the eye – between our intuition and the ability to connect to the essence of our being and the technique. It embraces the fusion of heart and eye, where photography becomes a conduit for expressing our essence and the beauty surrounding us. This competition is an ode to the ideals of beauty and wisdom cultivated within and reflected in our artistry.

The competition was created by New Acropolis, an international organisation that fosters timeless values for individual and collective growth through philosophy, culture, and volunteering.
This competition invites photographers worldwide to embark on a journey of philosophical exploration through the lens.


Grand Prize: Photographer of the Year
Honorable Mention Winners of the Year

Grand Prize: 1.200 USD for Overall Winner
2nd Place Prize: 900 USD
3rd Place Prize: 600 USD

Downloadable Certificates for all Winners
Online Gallery Showcase for the Winners

Photo Contest Website: https://philophoto.org/