URBAN Photo Awards ends 31 May 2024

Deadline: 31 May 2024. The Italian cultural association dotART, based in Trieste is launching the 15th edition of URBAN Photo Awards. The contest is open to everybody worldwide and it is organized into 4 sections: Single Photos (divided in 4 themes: Streets, People, Spaces and Creative), Projects & Portfolios, URBAN Book & Zine Award and URBAN Photo Arena.

Contestants can participate in more than one section at the same time. The general theme of the contest is Urban Life and Urban Photography. The theme delves into modernity through all kinds of photography set in the fabric of the city. At the heart of the contest is the City, the urban environment and the humanity living there: the everyday life of big cities and small towns, the contrasts and the contradictions between the city and the countryside, the aesthetic views, the architectural geometries, fragments of color breaking up the grayness of the city. Real, immediate images, able to recount the City and its stories.


URBAN Photo Awards 2024 has a total prize pool of 25,000 €:
Main awards:
– 2,000 € Photographer of the Year – the best author among Single Pictures section, personally awarded by Jury President Harry Gruyaert
– 2,000 € Projects & Portfolios Winner
– 600 € URBAN Book Award Winner
– 300 € URBAN Zine Award Winner
– 500 € URBAN Press Award Winner
And many more other prizes…

Photo Contest Website: https://www.urbanphotoawards.com/en/