Order ≠ Disorder ends 16 August 2023

Deadline: 16 August 2023. THEME: Order ≠ Disorder • Curated By: Praxis Directors
Order and disorder, form and formlessness, anarchy and rule: how do these concepts function in art? How do they operate in opposition to one another? What is intentional–and what is left to chance?

Praxis Gallery seeks to present an exhibit of photographic art that explores the concepts of order, disorder, or conflict between the two. Submissions may focus on these ideas as pure visual form expressed though compositional symmetry or disarray. They may also examine the cultural, social, or psychological implications of order and disorder; for example, exploring ideas of conformity or dissent, anxiety or calm, obsession or indifference, or other ephemeral expressions of this concept. All interpretations, genres, capture types, color and black & white, traditional, and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

Program Director Ross Anderson is an award-winning fine art photographer and filmmaker. Gallery and Installation Director Jonathan Pavlica is the Praxis print & color artist, and photo editor. Interim Project Director Jenni Undis is a letterpress printer and freelance creative consultant.


Up to 36 images will be selected by the curators for exhibition at Praxis Gallery. One Directors’ Choice and five Honorable Mentions will be awarded and featured in the exhibition, the printed show catalog, and the online exhibit gallery. Directors’ Choice will receive free entry into three juried calls of their choice and a complimentary exhibit book.

Photo Contest Website: https://www.praxisphotocenter.org/interim-submission-page-2