Terms of use and Privacy Policy

The content of the subpage Terms of use and Privacy Policy / Cookies may be changed. The user will be informed about the last update of the Privacy Policy by displaying the date of the last update at the bottom of the subpage. That is why we encourage to visit it regularly.

We pay much attention to respect the rights of all Internet users, with particular concern for securing their privacy. The undermentioned terms explain how we collect and process the users data.


Cookie files used on this website.

By using this website, you agree to make use of the cookie files in accordance to the following rules.

The advantages of cookies use.

While browsing this website, so-called cookie files may be stored on the user’s devices. Our site, like most websites on the web, uses cookie files as a tool, that helps to improve its operating abilities. Cookies are small text files, that are being saved on a computer or mobile phone while the user is browsing websites.

The cookie files we use have the following functions:
– they make our site work correctly and accordingly to our expectations,
– they improve the site’s velocity of operations and data security,
– they enable to integrate accounts and share content in social networks such as Facebook,
– they help us improve the website to meet the needs of our users better,
– they help us display the marketing content.

We do not use cookie files to:
– collect user’s personal data (without the user’s explicit consent),
– collect confidential information about the users (without the user’s explicit consent),
– transfer the data to third parties,

More information about the cookie files we use can be found below.

Giving consent to the use of cookies.

If the software (the web browser) used to browse this website uses cookies, it means that by visiting our site, you also agree to use them. If you want to browse our site without using cookies, or delete stored cookies, you can do it in settings of your browser. However, this may affect the correct operation of the site.

Our own cookie files that we use on the website.

We use cookie files to assure the proper operation of our website, including:
– adapting the content to the users needs.

If you do not agree to such terms of cookies use, you must leave our website and clear all the browser data that are related to it.

Cookies provided by external entities – website visitor statistics.

We use cookies to create anonymous website visitor statistics, including:
– number of people who visited the website in a chosen period of time,
– the type of technology users use (e.g. the type of web browser),
– measuring the time that users spend on the site,
– collecting data about how the users spend their time on the website (the users activity on the website, what pages they visit),
– collecting data about how users encountered our site,
– collecting data about which links on our site are being used.

These files do not collect any data to identify specific users.

Cookies provided by external entities – social networks.

Like most websites, we make use of functions and solutions provided by external entities. An example is the integrated Facebook widget and connected to it content sharing features. Disabling these type of cookie files will probably affect the correct operation of this type of functions. The specific use of these files also depends on the user’s account privacy settings in each social network.

Disabling the cookies.

Most web browsers allow users to disable cookie files storing function. To learn more about it, search the information on the official website of the software you are using.

Using the website

The website is intended for personal use. By using our website, the user is obligated to comply with all Polish law regulations regarding to the use of websites as well as applicable to it international law. The website’s publisher may suspend each user’s account with or without noticing him and without giving a reason.


By entering your personal data (first name and email address) on the site, you agree to its processing for marketing activities, including for direct marketing by the publisher of this website. By direct marketing, we mean periodic mailing with information about selected photo contests. We promise not to send you spam and not to mail you too often!

Personal data

Providing us your personal data is voluntary. The User has the right to inspect, correct and request Publisher to remove his personal data (name, user name, e-mail and other transferred data) at any time without giving a reason.

Posting information about competitions

Publishing information about the competitions is free. Submitting a competition to be published is not tantamount to the guarantee of its display on the website. The publisher of this website has rights to publish contests personally selected by him and to change the time of displaying information about competitions.

Responsibility for content

The publisher of this website is not responsible for any competitions, services, information and data provided by external entities via the website. By submitting information about the competition, the user declares that he has the appropriate rights and/or authorizations for it and he accepts all third party pretensions and full protection from the Publisher’s of this website in respect of any infringement of rights (licenses, fees, copyright, etc.).


Copyright of all photos and graphic materials posted on this website remains in the ownership of the website owners. However, it is assumed that they have agreed to its use for marketing purposes on the website mentioned above.

Date of last modification: 17/10/2018