3SHOTS-The Triptych Photography Festival until 30 September 2021

Deadline: 30 September 2021. The festival’s mission is to search, anywhere in the world, for photographers who know how to tell a story, three intertwined stories, three iconic moments, three meaningful attributes related to an object as to an emotion; to a time or a moment; an ideal or a dream. A past, a present or future. Our challenge is to capture the universe in three shots.

Between July, 1st and September, 30th 2021 the very first edition of 3SHOTS will open its submissions for the official festival. There will be no categories. Each photographer may submit three triptychs. They will be showcased by a selection committee and the best triptychs will be presented through the on-line festival from 18-20 November and will end with an awards ceremony on the 21st November 2021. Anyone can participate and the festival will be available worldwide.

The author of the winning triptych will get a cash prize (€ 1,000) assigned by an international Jury made of professionals of the photography world. In addition, the audience will be asked to express their preferences to proclaim the winner of the Audience Award.

We organized the 1st edition of MAX3MIN – Very Short Film Festival, which took place in 2021. MAX3MIN is a short film festival where the films are so short they last no longer than 3 minutes. It is born out of the sole intent of telling stories condensed in a minimum time, stories about the time that runs fast, stories you can watch again, as you listen to a song again. We strongly believe that time contained in three minutes, as captured in three camera shots, is enough to tell a story. We believe this for MAX3MIN as we do for this new triptych photography festival.


€ 1,000

Photo Contest Website: https://www.3shotsfestival.com/