4th Vincent van Gogh Photo Award ends 30 March 2023

Deadline: 30 March 2023. Nuenen – The fourth edition of this photo exhibition will take place in the magnificent setting of the living and working area of Vincent van Gogh (1883 – 1885 in Nuenen). From Saturday 9 September until Sunday 1 October 2023 a selection of 50 nominated photos of this International Photo Contest will be exhibited.

Let the theme ‘Freedom!?’ inspire you in a contemporary way. Think out of the box, just like Vincent used to do. Surprise everyone! Let the camera be your paint brush and participate in this contest! Photography is a the most popular and fast growing kind of art.
What would Vincent van Gogh have photographed if he lived today? Where would he travel to photograph if distances didn’t matter? People and Nature, in any form and capacity, were his main sources of inspiration.
Light also played a major role in his paintings. Vincent had the ability to capture light on the canvas in a miraculous way. In fact photography is nothing more than painting with light.
Will you be the winner of the 4th edition of this photo contest? You have a chance to win 1000 euros and your photo will be exposed for 3 weeks in the central park, the tourist center of Nuenen.

In addition to the Vincent van Gogh Photo Award, this edition will also include a competition for students. This competition is co-organized by the SintLucas. All students can participate in the Student Award. Theme is the Colourful Portrait.


Winner : € 1000
Second place : € 500
Third place : € 250

Photo Contest Website: http://www.vincentvangoghphotoaward.com/