A Smith Gallery’s “trees” ends 18 March 2024

Deadline: 18 March 2024. trees: forest, sapling, oak, timber, woods, leaves, seedling, topiary, thicket, park, trunk, branches, family, grove, pine, foliage….

“Angelique spent her fourth birthday sitting under her tree with three friends. They ate bologna sandwiches with sweet relish, cake and ice cream. Gertrude, her closest friend, made a toast with a Dr. Pepper. She had witnessed her parents’ evening ritual with good wine at dinner.

Angelique loved her tree. Her grandfather planted it when he was a kid, with his grandfather.

Angelique’s father told her of all the wonderful and useful things that could be made of a tree: spoons and shoes and slingshots and shingles and houses and toothpicks and dominoes. She was amazed, but made her father promise that he would not make toothpicks or anything else out of her tree. He promised.

Angelique spent many hours under the tree. She was married under the tree. She wrote books under the tree. She organized a political movement, to save trees, under the tree. She spread her husband’s ashes under the tree.

One morning, after a terrible storm, she looked from her bed and noticed the tree was leaning badly. Awfully sad she called her neighbor, Andy, and asked him to please come over. Andy was a carpenter. When he arrived she motioned him over and whispered in his ear.

Angelique passed away at the wonderful old age of ninety-seven. Andy had just finished a beautiful new barn in her backyard. Angelique had given instructions that when she died a grand party was to be held in the barn, with a band and pot roast.

Everyone commented on how beautiful the dance floor was, the wood a velvety brown. The band played late into the evening. The guests danced and danced. The sound of the tree under their feet echoing into the cool, clear night…” From “Her Tree” By Franklin Cincinnatus

Juror for “trees” will be Wendi Schneider, photographer and artist.


Juror’s and Director’s award each receive a copy of the limited edition hardbound fine art book of the exhibition. Juror’s award receives a solo online exhibition. Visitors’ award receives $100. Each photographer selected by the juror will receive a copy of the exhibition catalogue.

Photo Contest Website: https://asmithgallery.com/main-gallery-call-for-entry/