Analogue; International Photography (Digital) Exhibition ends 5 June 2024

Deadline: 5 June 2024. The Glasgow Gallery of Photography is running a 6 week long digital exhibition starting in August called Analogue. Somewhat ironic to have a digital exhibition about Analogue photography, but with analogue photography, it often produces one off prints that can’t be easily reproduced. Along with the fact we want this to be an international exhibition, making it difficult to get these one off prints to our gallery, we have decided that the best solution (and most ironic) is to have a digital exhibition of these analogue prints.

So scan your negatives, cyanotypes, salt prints, and other alternative processes and submit them to this exhibition where we will have them on display for 6 weeks.


Photographers who are selected will have their work displayed in a 6 week long digital exhibition in our gallery, with their work also appearing online in an online gallery on our website.

All participants that are selected to take part in the exhibition will receive a digital certificate of participation.

Photo Contest Website: