ATTEMPT 4 – Contest for Experiment in Visual Arts until 30 May 2020

Deadline: 30 May 2020. Jan Tarasin Art Gallery in Kalisz, Poland invites you to participate in the Attempt 4 – International Contest for Experiment in Visual Arts. Attempt 4 is a competition for artists, graduates of artistic universities.
Thanks to the open formula – we invite you to send works related to the need to experiment, and thus take risks, interventions or uncontrolled actions in the field of artistic practices, regardless of formal workshop.

The aim of the contest is best formulated by the following words of Jan Tarasin: “Art constantly repeats attempts” and “good artwork always stimulates.”The art world is a dangerous expedition of imagination towards the immeasurable, unstable and pulsating world of which we are part. Taming the imagination with the unbalanced, changing rhythm of dramatic conflicts and monotonous repetitions is done through openness to the relativism of perceiving space, time, boundaries, scale and significance of micro-history. This also allows for attempts to convert the language of the conventional symbols into a suggestive expression of the autonomous forms and signs, to replace the static descriptions (…) with the experience of a dynamic spectacle. Relativism and risk – provoking the imagination – demand new, precise decisions, solutions and arrangements, require constant confrontation, constant intellectual effort, do not allow for a state of complacency or failure to pay attention…

The above excerpts from Jan Tarasin’s essays continue to be timely. In the field of visual arts, new media, science and philosophy cause the system of challenges to become dynamic but not abandon the most important questions as well as creative, experimental creation.

We are curious to what dangerous expeditions of imagination artists will take us when they make further… “attempts.” We invite you to participate in Attempt 4 contest.


1. Grand Prix – Prize of Mayor of Kalisz 10.000 PLN
2. Jan Tarasin Art Gallery Award 3,000 PLN and an individual exhibition.
3. BWA Tarnów Art Gallery Award 3,000 PLN and a study stay.


Attempt 4 is a competition for artists, graduates of artistic universities.

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