BioPhotoContest ends 31 March 2024

Deadline: 31 March 2024. International nature photography competition dedicated to the Biomes of Planet Earth

The wonderful panorama of the natural ecosystems of the whole planet condensed in the best photographs of professional authors and advanced amateur photographers.
An international photographic competition, organized by the BioArt visual association, different, unique, which wants to make known and safeguard the great beauty of Biomes through some chapters that describe landscapes, animals, plants, insects, colors and shapes seen and told with an eye and particular sensitivities.

The images, through the creativity and expertise of international amateur and professional photographers, will tell the story of the Biomes.
You can participate in the competition by sending a maximum of 30 images relating to one or all 6 biomes: FORESTS; RIVERS, LAKES AND LAGOONS; DESERTS, ROCKS AND SCREES,
PRACTICES, STEPPES AND SAVANNAS, POLAR COVES, GLACIERS AND TUNDRES and SEAS AND COASTS and covering any or all of the following six categories:
1) Natural landscapes, devoid of any element favorable to man and images of environmental details;
2) Mammals;
3) Birds;
4) Other animals (portraits or sets);
5) Plants, flowers or mushrooms;
6) Composition and shapes (abstract elements, particular colors and lights).


Absolute prize: the total value of the first prize is €4,000.00:
€2,000.00 in cash
€2000.00 in photographic equipment

Category prize: €750.00 in photographic equipment:

All the finalists present at the awards ceremony will be awarded the BioPhotoContest photographic catalogue.

Photo Contest Website: