Call For Entries #28 ends 29 February 2024

Deadline: 29 February 2024. Boost your photographic journey with an exclusive chance in our quest for innovation and excellence, we are seeking six outstanding photographers with a creative approach and a unique artistic vision.

Our commitment is to take your work beyond conventional boundaries. we offer you the platform to showcase your photographs to the directors of the most prestigious galleries, at world-renowned festivals, and through leading industry agencies. if you are ready to expand your horizons and join an exclusive group of artists who are making a difference in the world of photography, we invite you to send us your projects. discover how your talent can reach a global audience. contact us today and start your journey towards international recognition.

Our mission: Unveil and promote exceptional photographic talents
Our passion lies in photography. We understand the effort, creativity, and passion behind every image. Our aim is to capture beauty, freeze unique moments, and provide unparalleled interpretations of reality.

We acknowledge the determination required to tell impactful stories through images, uncovering hidden truths within them. To us, photography is a medium of light, life, emotion, and communication; it’s a constant challenge and a deep introspection that compels us to leave a part of ourselves in every work.

Photography to us is not just a profession, but a universal language. It’s light that reveals, life that resonates, emotion that is shared, and a means to connect with others. It’s a challenge that invites us to view the world from new perspectives and an introspective act that leads us to imprint our essence in every image.

Our print magazine is not merely a medium for dissemination; it’s a springboard to project your work to a broader and more diverse audience. With a professional focus, we distribute each edition to galleries, agencies, festivals, and influential figures in the sector, ensuring your photographs are appreciated by experts who understand their true value.

After 27 successful editions, our publication has become a key tool in propelling new photographic talents on a global scale. Today, we are more than a magazine; we are a beacon in the international photographic landscape.

To participate, simply select your best works, register for our call, and upload your files through our online form. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to showcase your talent and passion for photography to the world. Ready to start this exciting journey with us?


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