CUPOTY CHALLENGE: Water ends 30 November 2023

Deadline: 30 November 2023. The CUPOTY CHALLENGE is a themed contest supported by Affinity Photo 2 that runs alongside the annual competition of Close-up Photographer of the Year.

Water was selected as this November’s theme by our subscribers and followers.

As usual, we’ll be looking for close-up, macro or micro images taken with a camera, phone, scanner or microscope.

Anyone can enter and any subject goes: animals, insects, plants, fungi & slime moulds, intimate landscapes, underwater photography, studio work and images made with a microscope can all be entered.

The picture just needs to feature water in some form. Besides the obvious sea, river, ponds, snow, rain and ice, it also includes dew on plants and animals or spray around them, animals on water, underwater shots where the water or surface is visible, reflections in water, chemicals dissolved in water, droplets and bubbles created in the studio – the list goes on.

The closing date to register for the CUPOTY CHALLENGE is Thursday 30th November and you will need to send us your pictures by 7th December.


The winner receives a £300 cash prize. A selection of images will be part of a feature in Amateur Photography magazine and all the shortlisted and Finalist pictures will get showcased on our website.

Photo Contest Website: