EARTH is Your Muse ends 23 June 2024

Deadline: 23 June 2024. NAT PHOTO SOCIETY is calling all photographers who take inspiration from the planet we call home. It is time for another photography contest and the theme is EARTH.

Every good photograph is a blend of camera skills, forward-looking vision, and an eye for detail. While not every person is an artist, everyone with a smartphone is a photographer in their own unique way. There’s been a revolution in the field of photography and reams of image data are being processed every single day. The petabytes of data that these generate need to be channelized in a way that gives worthy recognition to the folks behind the lenses. This is where the NAT PHOTO SOCIETY has stepped in and taken it upon ourselves to let every photographer earn the recognition they deserve through our photo contests.

We will run multiple contests, based on different themes throughout the year and keep introducing novel ideas to expand your creative horizon. All you need to do is shoot theme-based pictures and send them to us.


The winners of the contest will receive:
1. Guaranteed cash prize of $500.
2. Promotions on social media.
3. Permanent display of their winning work on the gallery website.

Photo Contest Website: