Emergentes until 31 May 2022

Deadline: 31 May 2022. In its 9th edition, BFOTO Festival stages the exhibition programme EMERGENTES to support artists and diffuse their projects. Among activities the festival hosts, the programme provides a perspective of the photographic scene exposing the selected projects.

The call is open to any interested author, on behalf of themselves or a collective. Only exhibition proposals linked to photography —in any of its forms— will be accepted. Only one entry per participant will be accepted.

9 projects will be selected and each one will have an individual exhibition.
Entry to EMERGENTES does not exclude the possibility to participate in any other activity of the festival, with the same or different projects.


9 projects with exhibition, €500 for production, accommodation for two nights,
promotion within the framework of the festival, through the media, catalog, web, and social networks.

Photo Contest Website: https://bfoto.org/