Esperanza Pertusa Photo Contest ends 15 May 2022

Deadline: 15 May 2022. The Fundación Esperanza Pertusa convenes the Second Edition of the “Esperanza Pertusa International Photography Competition”, after a first edition involving more than 60 artists from all over the world submitting 182 photos about poverty and social exclusion that go straight to the heart.
The goal of this competition is to reward and disseminate the work of professional or amateur photographers inspiring positive social transformation by addressing the poverty and social exclusion experienced by millions of human beings across the world.

Learning about the reality of the situation is the first step to raising awareness and performing actions, however small, which may lead to transformation. This photography competition is intended to reward and incentivise professional and amateur photographers who familiarise us with that reality through their work, capturing the viewer with the power of the gaze, encouraging us to learn more about the subject, and ultimately inviting us to be part of the force for social transformation.

Photographers of legal age of any nationality from any place of residence may submit for the Esperanza Pertusa Photography Prize original and unpublished colour or black and white photos taken using any technique on the subject of poverty and social exclusion, as long as those photos have not previously won prizes in other competitions.

The jury comprises Isabel Muñoz, a renowned Spanish photographer who won the Spanish National Photography Prize 2016 and two World Press Photo awards; Claude Bussac, Managing Director of Festivals and Exhibitions at PhotoEspaña; and Ana Palacios, winner of the First Edition of the Esperanza Pertusa International Photography Competition, and journalist and documentary photographer specialising in human rights matters.


There is a first prize of €1,500 and two runner-up prizes of €500.

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