Exhibition in China: Abstraction in Photography ends 20 May 2024

Deadline: 20 May 2024. Group exhibition at Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) in June 2024.

ABOUT EXHIBITION THEME: Abstraction in Photography
Independent & Image Art Space (Chongqing, China) is happy to announce the “Abstraction in Photography” group exhibition. This event invites artists to explore photography beyond the literal, delving into the realm of the abstract. It’s a celebration of the unseen, where shapes, textures, and contrasts narrate stories beyond the obvious.
We welcome submissions from both emerging and established photographers. Your work should challenge perceptions, evoke emotions, and transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary abstract narratives.
This exhibition is an opportunity to showcase photography not just as a means of capturing reality, but as a medium for imaginative expression. Join us in redefining the boundaries of photography through the lens of abstraction.


Artworks will be printed (Epson giclée print) and framed by us and shown in the group exhibition;
Chinese-English bilingual online feature on our website;
Chinese-English bilingual digital catalog;
Chinese-English bilingual promotion on Chinese and international social media.

Photo Contest Website: https://independentimage.org/open-call