FotoSlovo Award ends 19 May 2024

Deadline: 19 May 2024. FotoSlovo is excited to announce an international photo contest, inviting photographers to show their talent! We are in search of artists who can transcend boundaries, astonish with creativity, and narrate compelling tales through their visual storytelling. Unleash your imagination and break free from the ordinary, as there are no limitations on themes or photographic techniques. Whether you’re drawn to the surreal, the abstract, or nature photography, FotoSlovo welcomes your unique perspective.

Open to photographers from every corner of the globe, this contest provides a platform for artists to showcase their talents on an international stage. Embrace the freedom to express your artistic vision, Submit your most thought-provoking and visually stunning images to FotoSlovo Award.

Your time has come!


Cash prize of 2,000 euro
Exhibition in Art Gallery and FotoSlovo Gallery
Interview and Portfolio featured in the Issue of FotoSlovo Magazine
Publication in the Annual Book of best photographs
Global exposure and promotion

Photo Contest Website: