Futuristic Visions/Open theme-Call for Art ends 30 June 2024

Deadline: 30 June 2024. Two competitions are now open: Futuristic Visions and Open theme.

“Futuristic Visions” invites artists to explore their imagination or depict their vision of the future. Artists are encouraged to create artworks that envision innovative technologies, advanced societies, and otherworldly ideals. Whether it’s through photography, mixed media, or traditional mediums, this theme allows artists to delve into the realm of possibilities. Open theme is artist choice.

The winner will receive a, certificate, and spotlight on the front page of our website. All finalists will be granted digital certificates. Winners will additionally receive media, newsletter, and mailing list promotion.


Certificates, Promotion and Spotlight

Photo Contest Website: https://koisartistaward.com/call-for-art/