Global Chinese New Year Photography Competition ends 16 December 2023

Deadline: 16 December 2023. The 2024 Global Chinese New Year Photography Competition (GCPC) invites photographers and visual artists from all corners of the globe to celebrate the magic of Chinese New Year and Chinese Culture through the lens of their cameras. We welcome diverse and innovative submissions that capture the essence and beauty of this vibrant holiday and its cultural significance.

Why participate in GCPC?

Global Exposure: Showcase your photographic talent to a worldwide audience.
Recognition: All winning photographs will receive well-deserved recognition.
Online Presence: Your work will be prominently featured on our website, social media platforms, and in dedicated photo galleries.

Competition Categories:

Chinese Culture: Explore the rich tapestry of Chinese traditions, art, and heritage.
China Natural Scenery: Capture the breathtaking landscapes of China.
Chinese Elements Abroad: Show how Chinese culture has influenced and found expression beyond China’s borders.

Examples of Accepted Photographs:

Chinese architecture and landmarks
Stunning natural landscapes from China
Delectable Chinese cuisine
Fashion inspired by Chinese culture
Time-honored traditions like the Dragon Dance and lion performances
Vibrant Lunar New Year Parades
The charm of local Chinatowns around the world


First Prizes: winner of each category, total 3
Second Prizes: 3 per category, total 9
Bronze Awards: 4 per category, total 12
Excellence Awards: 10 per category, total 30
Honorable Mentions: total 160
Total 214 awards

Photo Contest Website: