Global Wind Day 2019 Photo Contest, “Future Wind” – until 5 June 2019

Deadline: 5 June 2019. The photo competition will close on 5 June 2019. Winners will be announced on Global Wind Day – 15 June 2019.
We need to act now to stop climate change!

We need to protect the environment and save the planet for future generations. Wind energy can help!

So how can we achieve this brighter future together?

We can do this by changing our electricity and fuel supplies from toxic fossil fuels to clean and renewable sources like wind energy. Wind energy is the cleanest and cheapest source of electricity generation. Higher shares of wind energy in our energy mix means lower CO2 emissions.

More and more people are taking action. So what can you do today?

One positive step you can take is to support more clean wind energy. This Global Wind Day we want to tell the world that wind energy can slash emissions, improve air quality and create thousands of jobs. That wind energy is the energy for now and the future.

As part of the Global Wind Day activities, WindEurope and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) have launched a global photo competition: “Future Wind.”

Creativity, content, composition and technique as well as a compelling story behind your photograph are the key criteria for the judges.


There are 4 categories People and Wind, Working in Wind, Beautiful Wind and Beyond Wind, each with a €1,000 cash prize.

Photo Contest Website: