Huawei Next-Image Awards until 30 November 2021

Deadline: 30 November 2021. The “NEXT” in NEXT-IMAGE refers to the photographers using next generation tools to create and spread cutting-edge visual content. “IMAGE” refers to both static imagery as well as new forms of dynamic visual expression. HUAWEI proposed the “NEXT-IMAGE” concept not only to highlight the many years of innovation it has brought to the field of visual expression, but also to create a concept that represents a new growing school of photography.

The NEXT-IMAGE Awards embody Huawei’s dedication to the craft and artistry of modern photography. By equipping aspiring photographers with cutting-edge technology, Huawei hopes to provide the outlet for an outpouring of creative inspiration.

All submissions to the NEXT-IMAGE Awards must be created with HUAWEI phones. There are no restrictions on when you took the photos/videos or which model of HUAWEI phone you used.

There are ten categories:

• Portrait – Taking self portraits, portraits of others, or group shots that contain the face, full body, or silhouette of the subjects.
• Monochrome – Using just black and white to capture fun moments, share feelings, or showcase your innovative personality.
• Colour – Styling your photos with colors to communicate your unique perception and expression of the world.
• Snapshot – Capturing the most important moments in life to make sure they are never forgotten.
• Night – Recording unique and fleeting moments in low light or dark conditions.
• Telephoto – Using the telephoto lens to depict scenery or convey emotion from a different perspective.
• Super Wide Angle – Using the wide-angle lens to depict scenery or convey emotion from a different perspective.
• Super Macro – Using the macro camera to depict scenery or convey emotion from a different perspective.
• Story Creator – Filming stories in less than 15 minutes.
• Storyteller – Sequencing 3 to 9 photos to provide a narrative, express emotion, record changes, or illuminate a trend.

Each participant can upload a maximum of 30 works and can compose of a photo, a group of photos, or videos.


Grand prize winners (3)
● NEXT-IMAGE creation fund of US$10,000
● An electronic certificate

Best-in-Category winners (27)
● NEXT-IMAGE creation fund of US$1,000
● An electronic certificate

Runner-up winners (30)
● A HUAWEI Watch 3
● An electronic certificate

Student Focus Award Winners (10)
● NEXT-IMAGE creation fund of US$1,000
● A HUAWEI P50 smartphone
● An electronic certificate

Photo Contest Website: