IPIC Imago Photo International Contest – until 10 September 2019

Deadline: 10 September 2019. The Imago Photo International Contest is addressed to professional and amateur photographers from all Countries. A participant may be excluded from the contest if the organization should, at its discretion, consider him non-compliant of the rules and conditions of the contest.

THEME 1: Portrait

A theme eternally bound to the story of Photography, which can be freely interpreted, according to the inspiration and the vision of the participants; the skill to go beyond the usual rules of this theme, specifically about depth and intensity, and the technical competence of the works will be highly regarded by the Jury.

THEME 2: Landscape

The most historical genre of photography, and perhaps the most misunderstood; telling the landscape with competence and sensitivity means telling the nature that has designed it or the man who has shaped it to its needs, but above all scratching the surface, going deep and devoting time to develop our personal vision.

Connecting with the landscape, describing it with one’s own exclusive words, making a photograph not a simple capture of a scenario but the profound expression of a story, this is the challenge.

THEME 3: Odi et Amo

This theme is after the opening verses of Carme 85 by Gaius Valerius Catullus (Sirmione, 84 b.C. – Rome, 54 b.C.), maybe the most famous among his works: “Odi et amo. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris.
Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior.”

“Odi et Amo”, the most complex and visceral sentiments, the search for a shot that expresses their extraordinary and unpredictable power.

The special award “Edizioni Hotel Catullo”, wants to emphasize the link between the Contest and Sirmione through the interpretation of the most famous and fascinating ode of the Roman poet.

THEME 4: Storytelling

With a minimum of three and a maximum of eight photos the participant will tell a story, of which content, style and language will be at his choice; the coherency of the storytelling and the care in building the photo sequence will be highly regarded by the Jury, as well as the meaningfulness of the story and the ability to tell it by photography.


The participants that will achieve the highest score for each theme will be proclaimed winners of the Imago Photo International Contest 2019, and will gain a prize of € 1.000,00 for the Portrait theme, € 1.000,00 for the Landscape theme, € 2.000,00 for the Odi et Amo theme and € 1.000,00 for the the Storytelling theme. The Imago Photo International Contest jury’s statements will be unchallengeable. The jury reserves the choice to assign special prizes, as well as the right to keep any of the prizes, should the level of the photos not fulfill the contest’s standards. The prizes will have to be withdrawn the very day of the final ceremony by the winners in person, or exclusively by other persons formally authorized by the winners themselves and previously made known to the organization.

Photo Contest Website: https://ipic.imagoatcatullo.it/en/home