LensCulture Critics’ Choice until 20 April 2022

Deadline: 20 April 2022. Critics’ Choice 2022 is designed to maximize exposure and opportunities for talented photographers who are ready for the global stage and international markets. This year’s panel of 20 critics includes photography experts and influencers from world-renowned museums, art galleries, magazines, news media, online platforms, book publishers, and international festivals.
Each critic will personally select three photographers with outstanding talent and creative vision — so as many as 60 photographers can be recognized with this year’s honors. The awards are open to all photographers and all kinds of photography.
This is your best opportunity this year to be seen and discovered by 20 of the world’s top experts and influencers in photography – it only takes one great connection to change your career! Awards include an Exhibition in Paris during Paris Photo 2022, Solo Exhibition online, cash prizes, global media coverage, and more. Free entry for single image entries. Show us how you see your world.


If your work is selected by more than one critic, you have a chance of being named in our Critics’ Choice Top Ten. The top ten photographers will be featured in an exhibition at a gallery in Paris, and each will receive a $1000 cash grant.

This year, up to 60 photographers will be recognized with Critics’ Choice Awards — each of the critics will choose 3 photographers to be winners. For every winner, we will publish a short quote written by the critic about why they selected that work for this year’s prize.

Photo Contest Website: https://www.lensculture.com/photo-competitions/critics-choice-2022