Levallois Prize until 2 May 2020

Deadline: 2 May 2020. The City of Levallois organizes each year a photographic prize intended to support young international creation, as well as to discover and promote new talents. The Prix Levallois is open to young photographers born after January 1st, 1985, without condition of nationality, and rewards a winner with a donation of €10,000 and two exhibitions : at the Galerie de L’Escale in Levallois in October-November 2020 and at the Passerelle, scène nationale des Alpes du Sud, in Gap, at the end of 2020.
The grant awarded to the winner each year makes it one of the best-endowed young photography awards in the world. A Special Mention and an Audience Award will also be attributed and exhibited at the same time as the winner of the Prix Levallois at the Galerie de L’Escale in Levallois, and the Passerelle, in Gap.
Welcoming any form of photographic writing, the selection of the Prix Levallois aspires to promote young photographers’ creative research, whether in narrative, aesthetic, technical or formal terms. The Jury will particularly focus on the coherence between the formal and narrative artistic processes.


The jury can only award one Prize, but it grants a Special Mention to whom a DSLR camera and a support for the production of an exhibition will be offered. The Audience Award will also be presented during the exhibition, a part of his/her production will be taken care of.

Photo Contest Website: https://prix-levallois.com/en/apply