London Photography Awards ends 2 May 2024

Deadline: 2 May 2024. The London Photography Awards program celebrates, honours, and recognises excellence in photography worldwide, advocating those who bring ideas to life, with different techniques and creative approaches, whilst demonstrating the millennia-long history of The Swinging City and its advancing beauty.

This award recognises the diverse photographic styles that encapsulate the world, engendered from various industries throughout society, ranging from: publications to video, business services to scientic trades, as well as the art and photography industry themselves. What matters most is your individualistic creative vision and ability to transfer them into phenomenal works of art, that will be as long lasting as London’s history, enshrined for millennia to come.


Photographer of the Year (Professional Category) will receive $3,000 in cash prizes and a 2024 LITO Statuette.
Photographer of the Year (Amateur Category) will receive $2,000 in cash prizes and a 2024 LITO Statuette.
Category Winners of the Year (Professional and Amateur Categories) will receive $100 in cash prizes each.
All Photographers of the Year, Category Winners of the Year, Platinum, Gold & Honourable Mention Winners will receive e-certificates.
Top tier (Platinum and Gold) winners will be featured on London Photography Awards site’s Gallery, where professionals can view your work.
Professionally designed logos for use on websites, in email signatures, etc.
In addition to the e-certificate, Platinum, and Gold winners may purchase beautiful LITO statuettes.
The winning entries from the London Photographer of the Year, Platinum & Gold winners will be publicised on the London Photography Awards’ online gallery and any published London Photography Awards materials.

Photo Contest Website: