Nature Photography Contest ends 2 July 2023

Deadline: 2 July 2023. Audubon Community Nature Center is excited to add a new category for photographers for the 2023 contest. This year, there will be three categories that are judged by a panel of photographers: plants, animals and landscapes. The winner of each category in both youth and adult divisions will win $200. There is also a Community Choice award of $200 for the photo that gets the most votes in both the adult and youth divisions.

Prizes will be awarded in two divisions for each category:

Adult: age 19 or older, or out of high school at the end of the contest.
Youth: ages 8 to 18, or still in high school at the end of the contest.

Animals: Any animal is acceptable, including birds, mammals, fish, snails, insects, and more. Photos of animals in captivity, such as pets, zoos, or rehab animals are not accepted.
Landscapes: Submit your best view, whether it is of mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, forests or any other natural view.
Plants: Submit your most beautiful plant photos, whether it is of seeds, leaves, flowers, or whole plants.

Community Choice:
This category is judged by the online community who can vote with $1 a vote for the photos they like best. There is a $200 prize for the photo with the most votes in both the youth and the adult division. It is possible that a photo or a photographer will receive both the community choice award and win in another category.


Plants: $200 adult, $200 youth
Animals: $200 adult, $200 youth
Landscapes: $200 adult, $200 youth

Community Choice voting on website:
$200 adult, $200 youth

Photographers can win both a judged prize and the community choice prize.

Photo Contest Website: