NEEDS ME Primals Photo Competition ends 15 December 2023

Deadline: 15 December 2023. Based on the work of Jer Clifton at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Clifton has shown that there are 26 Primal World Beliefs (primals for short) which are very basic beliefs about the world, such as the belief that the world is beautiful and safe. Researchers suspect that the Primals you hold may color your outlook and actions, and have extensive consequences for your mental health and resilience.

The goal of this contest is the identify a photo to represent the ‘NEEDS ME’ primal world belief. The primal world belief ‘Needs Me’ concerns whether the world needs you, specifically you, for an important task or to play some particular role. Its opposite holds that the world lacks any particular need for you: though the world may still have needs, you are interchangeable.

The Primals project explores how individual world view impacts well-being and life trajectory. SeeingHappy is dedicated to using photography and the Arts to pay attention to the best in life and to build optimism and hope. Exploring Primals through photography may be one way to change our world view for the better.


$250 Amazon Gift Card emailed to the winner’s email associated with their SeeingHappy account.
At minimum, the winning photo will be featured for at least one year on the main Primal World Belief website, and for at least one year on the Seeing Happy website

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